Experience Truly Personalized Massage Therapy. Services Are Available At My Westport CT Location, Or In The Comfort Of Your Own Home. 

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Why Get A Massage At Home?

Why not just go to your local spa? You might be asking yourself this question right now. Let me help you answer that. Listed below are some of the benefits of receiving a massage right in your own home:

** No negating that massage you just received by having to drive home. Simply take a nice hot shower afterwards and relax!

** You are in full control of your environment ..... everything from noise level, to room temperature, to even the music being played.

** Lots of flexibility and time slots for you to schedule your massage in.

Please know that whether you decide to receive your massage at home OR in my Westport office, you will receive TRULY personalized service. You will not be a number, or just another client on an assembly line. Spas tend to pack in massages during the day, often overworking and tiring out their therapists.There is a good chance that your therapist has done quite a few massages before you walk into their room for your appointment. Due to their fatigue, you may not be getting the ultimate in care. You pay a lot of money for a massage .... shouldn't you be getting the best service?

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